Roulette Bets

This page lists the names of the different roulette bets that are available, and includes information on payouts for each bet.

Roulette is one of our favorite games, by the way, and we think it gets a bad rap because the house edge is relatively high compared to some other games. But the bottom line is that what the house really wins is determined by the size of your bets, how many bets you make per hour.

Inside Bets Pays Out
Straight Bets You bet on whether the ball will land on any single number. 35 to 10
Split Bets You bet on two side-by-side numbers, placing the bet on the line splitting the two numbers. 17 to 1
Street Bets You bet on three numbers by placing your wager on the outline line next to the row of three numbers. 11 to 1
Square Bets You wager on whether the 0, 1, 2 and 3 hits.  You place the bet on where the 0 and 3 come together. 8 to 1
Corner Bets You wager on any four number that are grouped together on the table.  You place the bet by placing a chip where the four numbers
8 to 1
Six Number Line Bets This is a double Street Bet, where you place the bet
on the line intersecting the two rows of numbers.
5 to 1
Outside Bets
Column Bets There are three columns on the roulette table under the 2-to-1 box. You bet on one of the columns of numbers. Because the zeroes are in
neither column, there is a house edge.
2 to 1
Dozen Bets You bet on a group of sequential numbers, either 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36.  The house edge comes from the zeroes. 2 to 1
Even-Money Bets You can place a 1-to-1 odds bet on hitting one of any
category on the wheel. These categories are Red or Black, Even or Odd and Low or High (1-18; 19-36).  Once again, because of the zeroes, which fit in no category, there is a built-in house edge
even money (1 to 1)

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