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Sic bo online is an ancient Chinese gambling game. Free sic bo games are available at almost all of the online casinos mentioned on this site, but it’s not found at many land based casinos anymore. Sic bo involves betting on the different combinations available when three six sided dice are thrown. The house edge on these bets range from 2.78% to 18.98%, so having enough know-how to avoid the bets where the house edge is really high is crucial to being a smart sic bo player.

Play Sic Bo Online

There are more than 50 bets available on a sic bo layout, and you place your wager by putting your chips on the combination that you want to bet on. The dice are spun in a dice cage, and the table lights up under the winning combination or combinations of dice. Bets that don’t match are cleared off the table, and the other bets are paid off at whatever payoff rate is listed on the table.

Sic bo bets can be categorized into single die bets, two dice bets, and three dice bets. Only 2 of these bets have a reasonable payout percentage of 2.78%, and all the rest of the best offer a house edge of over 7% going all the way up to 18.98%. So if you play sic bo, always go with the 2.78% house edge bets.

Those bets are the three dice wagers for low or high, also called small or big. The low, or small bet, pays off at 1 to 1, and is won if the total of the 3 dice equal anything between 4 and 10. The high, or big bet, also pays off at 1 to 1, and is won if the total of the 3 dice equal anything between 11 and 17. These are literally the only sic bo bets worth playing, because the house edge is incredibly high on all the other wagers.

Sic bo online is available for free or for real money at almost all of the casinos listed on this site. I always encourage people to sign up for online casinos through affiliate sites like this one, because then you have at least one person to ask for help if you have some kind of dispute with the casino. Also, affiliate webmasters take their reputations very seriously, and are reluctant to recommend casinos that don’t pay out winnings in a timely manner, which is the single biggest complaint online gamblers have.

You can also get free sic bo tips here, as part of our free gambling tips collection of articles.

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