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October 31, 2005

Online Gambling Industry Estimated to Generate $12 Billion per Year Globally

According to this article I found at Reuters, the online gambling industry is generating big bucks all over the world. That’s not a surprise to anyone, I’m sure, but it’s interesting to see actual dollar amounts tied to it. I think I saw somewhere that sports betting is a $200 billion/year industry, so it seems to me like online gambling has got nowhere to go but up.

Poker Affiliate World Gets Some Exposure

If you’re a webmaster promoting poker affiliate programs, you’re probably already aware of this site, which is basically a forum and resource site for poker webmasters. But it’s really nice to see the exposure they’re starting to get in the news, because it’s a great and informative site.

Hawaii Annoyed by Online Gambling

I’ve seen a couple of articles about how Hawaiians are gambling online, even though gambling is illegal there in the state. One article about this estimated that online gambling is a $15 billion a year industry rather than a $12 billion industry, as was previously stated in the Reuters article. I think this might be underestimating the size of the industry quite a bit actually.

Casino Affiliate Industry Full of Fraud

I almost hate linking to this article, because it’s so inflammatory. One of the things you’ll notice about the article is that most of the facts are unsubstantiated, and much of the “information” is just propaganda. This technique is often used to get attention in the increasingly-crowded online gambling space, and attention = links = traffics. But it’s an interesting read nonetheless. I don’t lend too much credence to it. Gambling webmasters weigh in with their opinions in this thread at CAP: Gambling Affiliates Respond to Massive Fraud Accusations at Gambling Magazine

Fortune Lounge Casino Spam Causing Hard Feelings

I’ve seen several threads in several forums with various people complaining about the amount of email spam they’re receiving from Fortune Lounge casinos, and also indicating how frustrated they are with their multiple failed attempts at getting off the list. One of the amusing but also sad comments I keep seeing representatives of Fortune Lounge make is that it’s not an affiliate but another marketing company who is sending this spam on their behalf.

Why would it make a difference what kind of marketing relationship the spammer has with the company it’s sending the spam on behalf of? The spam is discussed in this thread at CAP about CPA abuse and also at this thread at Casinomeister’s forum: Vegas Frontier and FortuneLounge spam.

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