Big Six Tips, Strategies, & Advice

This page is a beginner’s primer on big six strategy, and is just a collection of quick tips on big six strategy. Perhaps the best advice I can offer on big six is to consider playing something else; the payout percentages for this game are some of the worst in the casino, and the game presents little in the way of charm or excitement.

  • Think about playing roulette instead of big six. The odds are much better, especially if you can find a European roulette wheel.
  • If you do play big six, stick with the $1 bet, because that’s the lowest house edge in this game. (The house edge is still 11.1%, which is twice as bad as the house edge at roulette.)
  • Whatever you do, don’t bet on the joker or the casino logo. The house edge on both of those choices is 24.1%.
  • The only perk this game offers other casino games is the low stakes. Most table games have a minimum bet of $5, but big six almost always offers stakes as low as $1 per bet.

You can read more about playing big six here.

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