Casino War Tips, Strategies, & Advice

Casino war is probably the easiest casino card game to play, and you’ve probably played war as a child. This makes the game deceptively simple, and some people don’t even understand how the house maintains its edge in this game. They think it’s an even money bet. But it’s not. Be sure to read the casino war tips and advice on this page to get the most out of your experiences playing Casino war:

  • The house advantage in Casino war comes from what happens when you have a tie with the house. You’re required to put another bet in, but if you win the “war”, you only win one bet.
  • Casino war plays FAST. The number of best you make per hour multiplied by the house edge is what determines your hourly cost of play. Be careful when playing casino war that you’re getting enough value for your money.
  • Take frequent breaks from casino war. Unless you just like throwing money away as fast as you can.
  • Consider learning blackjack instead. The game is much richer and more interesting than casino war.
  • If you like casino war because of the “mindless fun” aspect, then enjoy yourself to the fullest. Be sure to check out the slot machines later too.
  • When you are tied with the dealer, never surrended. That changes the house edge dramatically in the casino’s favor.

In closing, enjoy casino war for what it is-a lark. There are no professional casino war players, you can win money at casino war in the short term but not over the long run, and the house maintains an advantage. But it is a remarkably simple and entertaining game that could definitely be a part of your gambling repertoire if you want it to be.

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