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Keno plays a lot like the lottery, only you get a chance to win every few minutes instead of having to wait for a weekly or daily drawing. It’s a fairly slow-paced game, so you can get a lot of action without losing a lot of money, and you can stay in the action while eating a meal, since keno runners will make it possible for you to keep playing from anywhere in the casino, not just in the keno lounge. Here are some tips on how to play keno.

  • Keno is sometimes considered a bad bet. Possibly this is because of the huge house advantage, which ranges between 25% and 40%.
  • Don’t wager a lot of money on keno. Play it if you want something slow paced to do while you’re spending time with friends, but don’t count on winning any money at it.
  • Keno systems don’t work. Don’t believe anyone who tells you that they do.
  • You can’t predict future keno results by detecting past keno patterns. Every session of keno is an independent trial.
  • Consider playing video keno or keno online. The house edge is much lower in these versions, and sometimes is under 10%.
  • Keep in mind that if you do play video keno or keno online, it might actually cost more money than playing the regular game, since you’ll be able to make so many more bets per hour.

I like keno, but it’s a guilty pleasure like hot buttered popcorn. I know I shouldn’t, but I just can’t quite help myself. And this happens everytime I play keno too. But the social aspect of keno is the most fun aspect of keno. The best time I ever had in a keno lounge was when I was waiting to see the Legends in Concert at the Riviera Hotel in Vegas, and a couple of beauties had won a bunch of money playing, and talked my friend Brian and me into playing some keno with them.

Needless to say, we didn’t win any money, but we had a lot of fun.

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