Free Poker Tips & Advice

Here’s a list of general poker tips and advice. This information is provided free for your enjoyment, entertainment, and education.

  • The two most popular poker games are 7 card stud poker and texas holdem, but texas holdem is way more popular than 7 card stud poker.
  • If you can play “by the book”, you’ll make more money playing omaha than any other poker game. Most omaha players are terrible.
  • Learn to play at the free play money games online before trying a game for real money, just so you get a feel for the action.
  • Play within your bankroll. Divide your bankroll by 200–that will give you the amount of the big bet you can afford to play. So if you have $400, you should be playing $1/$2.
  • Take breaks to rest and eat. Hungry, tired players lose money.
  • Don’t get drunk. Drunk players lose money too. (I can vouch for this one myself.)
  • Understand the difference between tight play and loose play.
  • Understand the difference between aggressive play and passive play.
  • Play tight, aggressive poker with loose, passive players as much as you can.
  • Don’t show your cards unless you’re in a showdown. This means keeping your cards low and not showing them accidentally, but it also means not showing your cards when everyone folds. Don’t give anyone information, because in poker, information = money.
  • To be a profitable player, you not only have to beat the other players, you also have to beat them by enough of a margin to cover the cardroom rake.
  • Study books by David Sklansky.
  • Don’t worry about whether or not you had a winning session. Focus on whether or not you played correctly. Focus on the process, not the results.
  • Don’t let anyone intimidate you, not even Phil Hellmuth.

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