Sic Bo Tips & Advice

A cynic might say that the only advice a sic bo player needs is to find a new game. And it might be true that most of the best in sic bo have an awful house advantage, but the game is not without its charm.

Basically, the only advice you need for playing sic bo is to ignore all the bets on the table except for the high and low bets, also known as the big and little bets.

These two bets offer the lowest house advantage of any of the bets at sic bo. And even they have a house edge of 2.78%. The other bets you have to choose from, and thee are a lot of them, offer you such fantastic odds in favor of the house as 12.5%, 16.6% and an astonishing 18.95%.

One other thing to keep in mind when playing sic bo. The game moves really fast, so your hourly cost of play can be pretty high. To calculate what it costs to play, you figure how many bets per hour you can make times the amount of the bet times the house advantage.

My guess is that you can probably make about 100 bets per hour playing sic bo, and if you’re playing at an average bet of $5, you’re looking at a cost of play of around $15 or $16 or so.

One other thing to think about if you like sic bo: European roulette offers slower bets per hour and a slightly smaller house edge. You might prefer playing European roulette to sic bo if you can find a table and are willing to give it a try.

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