Free Slots and Slot Machine Tips & Advice

Here’s a list of general slot machine tips and advice. This information is provided free for your enjoyment and entertainment.

  • Have fun if you play the slots. That’s all they’re good for is mindless entertainment, and there’s nothing wrong with that as long as you understand it.
  • Set a loss limit and stick to it. Don’t go broke playing slots.
  • Play the highest denomination slots you can afford. This will maximize your payback percentage.
  • Know the denomination and the slot game before you play.
  • Don’t forget your winnings when you leave a slot machine. It really does happen, believe me.
  • Always make the maximum bet. You can’t win the big jackpot unless you’ve made the maximum bet.
  • Join every slot club you can. And always track your play with your membership card.
  • Don’t use a system, and stay far away from John Patrick’s book on slots, as well as the slot machine ebooks you’ll see online for sale. They’re crap.
  • Play video poker if you haven’t. It’s as fun as slots, and has better payback percentages.

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Other sites: Chasing Broadway is a dynamite site for poker if you’re interested in that sort of thing, and you can find more slot tips at

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