Video Poker Tips, Strategies & Advice

Video poker is one of the casino gambling games that I recommend everyone learn to play. The house edge at video poker is very low, lower in fact than just about any other game in the casino, if you play at the right video poker machine with the right payback table. Here are some tips and strategies to get you started in your video poker career:

  • Learn how to tell which video poker machines offer the best payback percentages. The payouts chart will help you figure this out.
  • Play at the machines with best payout percentages.
  • Learn correct video poker strategy. If you’re a member of the slot club, and you play perfectly, the two combined can actually give you an edge over the casino. This is one of the only gambling games in the casino where the player can have a long term edge, BUT it only happens if you know the correct strategy and follow it 100% of the time.
  • Play low denomination machines while you’re learning. Your beginner mistakes will cost less.
  • Consider buying Bob Dancer’s strategy guides or his video poker training software.
  • More important than playing perfectly is enjoying yourself. Gambling is supposed to be fun; if it’s not, then you’re doing it wrong. (Kinda like sex, huh?)
  • The best video poker machines with the best payouts are located in two places: Nevada and the internet.

You can read more about playing video poker online.

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